Tuesday, February 17

 Read Matthew 19:16-30



In verse 21 of this section of Matthew’s Gospel Jesus speaks of ‘treasure in heaven.’ Jesus’ invitation to the young man here may seem radical to us. Why do you think Jesus tells him that the only way to have this ‘treasure’ is to ‘sell all that he has and give the money to the poor’?

Truthfully, at least in my experience, sometimes all that I ‘own’ does get in the way of my receiving anything new. The ‘stuff’ itself can become a burden and can impede my experiencing the gifts of God.

As we start out on our Lenten journey, what might you remove from your life so as to make room for the ‘treasure’ God intends for you? Perhaps even more than self-denial, the old practice of giving up something for Lent works in this way. Indeed, for us in this time and place, might it be helpful to think of ‘giving up something’ in terms of those things which take our ‘time’ rather than ‘all your possessions’? In the era we live in, one might surely say that ‘time’ is our most valued treasure.

What might you take off your calendar so that you would have the time to ponder the ‘treasures’ of the Kingdom of Heaven and to wonder at where they might be discovered in your life?