November 2015

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Second Sunday of the Month has fast become one of my favorite worship times at First Lutheran. This is primarily because of the addition of the Noisy Offering. If you have been here, you have seen for yourself the enthusiasm of our children as they pick up their metal buckets and make their way through our worship space, receiving the ‘noisy’ offerings of those gathered. Indeed, this monthly ritual has brought us a couple of gifts which stand out for me:

We get the opportunity to watch our small gifts add up to support local mission opportunities. Over this past year we have given gifts to Meals on Wheels, shipping costs for Lutheran World Relief, and an NIU student from Tanzania, to name a few.

Our awareness of local missions is increased as we remember them not only with our financial gifts, but also with our prayers.

Our children get to be involved in worship in an integral way as together they receive the gifts and then give thanks for them and ask God’s blessing on those who will receive them.

During November and December we will be expanding the Noisy Offering emphasis to include ‘in-kind gifts’ for two important local missions.

On November 8, our Noisy Offering will be designated for Barb Food Mart. Located at Huntley Middle School, all families with students enrolled in DeKalb District 428 can access the pantry. With half of our students qualifying for free or reduced price school lunches the need is great. In addition, throughout the month of November you are invited to bring an offering of peanut butter and jelly to help stock their shelves.

On December 13, our Noisy Offering will be given to Hope Haven Homeless Shelter here in DeKalb. On average, Hope Haven serves over 90 people a night in one of their programs. Our gifts are always much needed as they seek to meet the needs of so many. Throughout December, you will be encouraged to bring an offering of socks and/or underwear for the homeless in our community. (These two basic needs are often overlooked. We have the chance this year to make a difference in this way!)

Please note that while our offerings of change will only be received on the second Sundays of November and December, we will be welcome to bring our in-kind gifts in at any time. We will keep a running tally as we go. Let’s see how we do!

As always, thank you for the ways your generosity shines in and through First Lutheran Church! You are a blessing!