2015 Lenten Reading Guide


Screenshot_2_15_15__8_08_AM Today’s Reading and Devotion

The theme for our Lenten Journey this year is “Treasures Old and New.”

In particular, Matthew 13:51-52 speaks of the scribe who holds wisdom about the Kingdom of Heaven as being like the ‘master of a household’ who brings out of his treasure both old and new.

For the most part, as we travel together this Lent we will be standing still in Matthew 13 — which is simply full of “treasure.” While occasionally we will venture outside this chapter in order to offer similar examples or to pull in pertinent information, for the most part we will live in this chapter for these verses hold some of Jesus’ most familiar parables. (Note that ‘parable’ means simply ‘to lay alongside.’ In each of these illustrations Jesus is laying an image that would be familiar to his listeners alongside the Kingdom of Heaven and inviting them to make comparisons.)

I would invite you to take a few minutes before we begin to read Matthew 13 in its entirety. Make note of what is familiar to you, what surprises you, and what you would like to learn more about. Where is the ‘treasure’ for you in Jesus’ words for us? As we journey together in the coming weeks be sure to allow yourself to wonder at what new meaning these words might hold for you in your life.

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