Friday, February 27

 Read Matthew 13:18-23

Have you ever worked with ‘poor or rocky soil’? Have you ever contended with thorns or other weeds? What might be some of the ‘thorns’ in your life which get in the way of the seed being planted and flourishing in you?

On the other hand, have you ever planted in ‘good soil’? Describe that soil. What makes it ‘good’? How might that actual ‘good soil’ be like the ‘soil’ which is your heart?

Lately, I have been experimenting with composting. I have been carrying coffee grounds and banana peels and leftover vegetables to the pile behind my garage. What are some ‘things’ you might put on the compost pile of your heart which would make the soil richer? If you were to rewrite this parable to say “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a compost pile…,” how would you finish it?