Sunday School

Sunday School meets from 10:30 – 11:30 on Sunday mornings, after worship service.

Ages 2-3 attend our Tiny Tots class, where parents are invited to participate in preparing the lessons and join the group each week. Pre-K through 5th grade meet in groups by grade clusters, and all our Sunday School classes use the Spark Activate Faith curriculum, with a 20-minute music rotation during this time. This year we are experimenting with a cross-gen style lesson once per month in the social hall.

Annual special events for Sunday School children include:

  • Rally-Day kick-off with service-based activities supporting Lutheran World Relief (September)
  • Christmas Program (during worship in December)
  • Bible Sunday (1st and 3rd graders are gifted Bibles which align with our Sunday School Curriculum.)
  • First Communion
  • Teacher Appreciation (early June)


Youth grades 7 and up meet every 3rd Sunday evening from 5:30-8:30 for  dinner, planning, activities, and devotions. Follow us on Instagram at thewordon3rd for pics and announcements!

Middle (6th– 8th) and High School youth are invited to participate in various retreats, service projects, and team-building activities throughout the year, including fundraising for those ventures. Some of these activities have included wall-climbing before a lock-in, serving a Valentines Dinner to guests here in our Atrium, leading young children at VBS day-camp, and a mission trip to Knoxville, TN. Currently, we are preparing for the ELCA Gathering in Houston in June 2018.