Financial Secretary

First Lutheran Church, DeKalb IL


The Financial Secretary must possess accurate record-keeping skills and an aptitude for working with numbers.  Basic computer knowledge and some data entry experience would also be helpful.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect the offerings from all church services and place the money in the safe.  If unavailable, arrange for someone else to take care of the offerings until it can be counted.
  • Count the offering after each service with the help of the counting team. This includes the following steps:
    1. Put the envelopes in numerical order.
    2. Open the envelopes and make sure the amount in the envelope is the same as the amount that is marked on the front; if the envelope is not marked, check to see if there is a pledge, and then enter the amount accordingly on the front of the envelope.  Mark if cash or check was given.
    3. Count any other money, such as Sunday School offerings, Coffee House donations, Loose Offerings, etc., and record all amounts on the Cash Receipts form.
    4. Post all amounts from the Cash Receipts form and the envelopes to the appropriate computer files.
    5. Make an adding machine tape for the bank of all the checks to be deposited.
    6. Count and total all currency and change.
    7. Make out deposit slips for the General Fund, the Building Fund, and the Memorial Fund, as needed.
    8. The total amount of receipts on the computer must equal the total amount on the weekly deposit slips.
  • Make bank deposits of receipts from offerings.
  • Record Memorials and Honorariums in special folder.
  • Make copies of the Cash Receipts form for the pastor, the comptroller (attach deposit slips), the treasurer of the congregation, and put one copy in the safe along with the envelopes.
  • Order offering envelopes and update online list with name and address changes.
  • Obtain online the weekly Simply Giving report (electronic fund transfers) and record with weekly offerings.
  • Obtain online the monthly Simply Giving invoice and copy for comptroller.
  • Keep a master list of the church members along with their envelope numbers.
  • Prepare quarterly statements and mail them along with a note from the pastor; this includes stuffing, sealing, and sorting according to postal regulations.
  • Prepare a yearly report, portions of which must agree with parts of the comptroller’s report, for the Annual Congregational Meeting.
  • Work with the Comptroller to ensure accuracy of financial reports.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • The Financial Secretary shall become familiar with and adhere to the items outlined in First Lutheran’s Personnel Policy.  
  • Respect the principles and commit to following the procedures outlined in First Lutheran’s Reconciliation Ministry Process at all times.
  • Appropriate dress is required.
  • Be a team player.


The Financial Secretary reports to and is accountable to the treasurer and to the Pastor of the congregation.  The Personnel Committee of the congregation will provide for an annual review of the position.


This is a part-time salaried position, paid on a bi-monthly basis, normally on the 5th and 20th of the month.